Seth Graduates!

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I have known Christy for a long time. She was best friends with my beloved late uncle Rusty. So, when she contacted me to take her family pictures and Seth’s senior pictures I was delighted. However, when she wanted me to document Seth’s graduation I was extremely honored. Graduation is a huge mile stone!!


Congrats Seth on your recent graduation!!

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Introducing Norman!!

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A year ago I would have never said this or would have felt this way. I didn’t have this strong feeling of love or desire to do what ever it takes to help them. All it took was her kissing my hand and me looking into her beautiful Pitt Bull eyes. Trinity was the first Pitt Bull I ever came in contact with and she stole my heart that very instant. Trinity made my fear of Pitt Bulls vanish into thin air. Since then Trinity has found her forever home and our desire to work with Pitt Bulls has grown.

One day during Christmas break Mackenzie came across a show called Pitt Bulls and Paroles. Of course since the word Pitt Bull was in it, she kept it on that channel and she was hooked. It didn’t take long for the rest of us to get hooked and have our DVR full of episodes. The more we watched, the more curious I became and went to their website. I spent the whole afternoon looking around and reading everything. I clicked on the tab about sponsoring dogs and that’s when I came across his picture. Norman had won my heart just by his picture. a picture that wasn’t flattering but rather heartbreaking. Norman was in poor shape when they found him. I immediately signed up to send money on a monthly basis to help cover some of his medical expenses. Granted, I wish I could send a larger amount, but if people could send in money on a monthly basis, it would accomplish so much for the center!! Plus, you can send care packages to Villalobos!! A couple weeks ago I got updated pictures showing how far Norman has came since first coming to the center.

Mackenzie said it best “The world would be a better place if people would take the time to know a pitt bull and even helping out a little can change the world”

Villalobos website:

How to sponsor a Villalobos dog:

Introducing Norman!!


WARNING: THE BELOW IMAGE MIGHT BE DISTURBING FOR SOME. This is Norman when he first came to the center.


 (Photo credit for all pictures: Villalobos Rescue Center)







Gillam Family

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I hope everyone has enjoyed their Memorial Day celebrations!! Before I go any further, I want to thank all of our military and military families for everything you do for our country!!

It feels like forever since I have been on here. I recently got a promotion at my full time job and that has drained the life out of me. Plus, when you crack the screen of your laptop, it makes editing pictures a little difficult.

Now on to the good stuff!! The Gillam family has been on the blog muliple of times!! Each of their sessions take place on their farm!! This year, added a new addition and I’m not talking about their animals. I took Junior’s newborn pictures, but this session was really fun because he interacted with the camera. Sam is as beautiful as ever!!

Thank you Gillam family and can’t wait for our next session in November!!

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Furry Friends

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This years Easter was different from the past celebrations we have had. Since my parents were sick, we decided to reschedule our dinner for a couple of weeks. I hated not to spend time with family on a holiday. So we did the next best thing, went to spend time with our furry family!!

Here is this week’s Furry Friends!!


Great Plains is going for the record for the “Most Dogs in a Costume Parade” during the second annual Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua parade.  The parade takes place on May 4th. For more information, please click here!!


I”m happy to announce that Buddy, Sage, Babydoll, Lady, Alli, Mamoo, and Dudley all found their forever home!!

First, he stole the hearts of Chris and Mackenzie. Then, he took a piece of Trevor’s and mine too. This is Brody!! Brody is a three year old Pitt Bull. For more information on Brody, please click here!!

IMG_7707-2 copy IMG_7713-2 copy


Meet Amigo! Amigo is a handsome American Pitt Bull that is one years old. Click here for Amigo’s information!!

IMG_7755-2 copy IMG_7761-2 copy

This sweet and cuddly boy is Cody. Cody is a seven year old Chihuahua!! For information regarding Cody, please click here!!

IMG_7778-2 copy IMG_7782-2 copy

Ramona is a sweet American Bulldog who loves to lay in the grass!! For Ramona’s information, please click here!!

IMG_7724-2 copy IMG_7726-2 copy

Trevor and Shaggy had  an instant bond. Shaggy is a seven year old Terrier/mix. Click here for Shaggy’s information!!

IMG_7793-2 copy IMG_7795-2 copy

This handsome year old Pitt Bull is Slugger. Slugger loves to give kisses!! For his information, please click here!!

IMG_7735-2 copy IMG_7740-2 copy

Have a great Thursday!!