Featured: 2014 Paws for Charity Art Book

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When I started this adventure two years ago I made a five year plan. I made a list of where I wanted this company to go and how I was going to get there. Attending workshops, upgrading my equipment, creating a website, sending a session in for publication, etc were all on the list. I felt like an excited little school girl each time I would mark something off the list. I figured most of these accomplishments would happen closer to my fifth year not my second especially getting published!! Yep, I’m now a published photographer!! A couple months ago, I submitted pictures of dogs that were available for adoption at Great Plains SPCA to be published in the Paws for Charity Art Book. About a month ago I received the email that I’m was one of thirty artists getting published!!  Paws for Charity will publish an art book, notebooks, planners, posters, etc with all funds raised from the sale of these books are donated to Sheltering Helpless Animals In Distress (shaid.ca), an animal shelter in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada. Below is a piece from the Paws for Charity Website:

The art books are ready for online viewing and/or ordering! Here is a special coupon code for a 25% discount: P4C2014  (there is a space to input coupon code during the order check out) This expires on June 30,  2014.

Book: (available in hard copy and soft copy…if you can swing it, the hard copy is by far the better quality book):  http://www.blurb.com/books/5210564-2014-paws-for-charity

Ebook: http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/468601-2014-paws-for-charity

Notebooks and planner will be available for purchase in Sept/Oct 2014.

I’m so proud and honored to participate in such a wonder organization!! Here is a preview of my page!!

Page_Amy McPherson PawsForCharity_2014ArtBookProject Happy Thursdaay everyone!!

Penn Family

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Talk about total cuteness!! Meet the Penn family! We have been planning a photo shoot since December but mother nature hasn’t been too kind to us. So, we were finally able to met one March morning and have a little fun at the park. Mom hasn’t had pictures taken of the kids since the oldest was a baby so I wanted to make sure I captured everything. I love when I see a client happy or a little emotional when they see the final product. That way I know I was able to preserve these memories for a lifetime.

Introducing the Penn Family!!IMG_7398 copy IMG_7403 copy IMG_7419-2 copy IMG_7436 copy IMG_7462 copy IMG_7479-2 copy IMG_7529-2 copy IMG_7531 copy IMG_7571 copy IMG_7578 copy IMG_7600 copy IMG_7601 copy IMG_7639-2 copy

Furry Friends

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This past weekend Trevor played in a basketball tournament out of town so I was unable to make it to the shelter. So this week’s post will highlight the dogs that are our long timers have made their appearance on here before but haven’t found their forever home.


The Independence Campus is celebrating their one year anniversary!! To celebrate, all pets (excluding puppies, kittens, and HIPP breeds) will be 50% off at both Independence and Merriam locations. On Saturday, 11 – 6 there will be fun, food, and festivities at the Independence location.


This past Saturday, God gained a furry angel. Sweet Chocolate earned her angel wings that evening after her fight with cancer. We were lucky enough to say our goodbyes and tell her how much she was loved.


I’m proud to announce that Ruby has found her forever person!!

Inky has been transferred to our  Merriam. Click here for her information!!

IMG_2169 copy

This is one of Chris’s favorite dogs!! Meet Elvis!! For information on Elvis, please click here!!


This is Simon!! Since Simon loves to be with other dogs, he was transferred to Dog Pawz in Downtown Kansas City. Click here for information or call Dog Pawz at 816-471-7299.

IMG_6161 copy

This sweet mama is Sissy. Click here for Sissy’s information!!

IMG_6808 copy

Meet Jacob!! For Jacob’s information, please click here!!

IMG_6180 copy

One of my favorites, this is Mamoo!! Mamoo has been transferred to Merriam location. Please click here for her information.


Sweet Dudley!! Dudley is one of the sweetest dogs I know!! To find out more about Dudley, click here!!



Furry Friends!!

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I’m finally getting back into the swing of things.  This winter has been brutal. Now, that I’m able to breathe, I have dusted off the camera and headed to Great Plains!!


Downtown Dog Day on Saturday, April 5th in Downtown Overland Park. Please click here for more information!

I was really excited when I heard the news about Operation Furballs!! Operation Furballs is a public spay/neuter clinic for cats at our Independence Campus. Please click here for more information!!


I’m so excited to type this long list of dogs that have recently found their forever homes!!  Rose, Josie, Sadie, Shady, Prim Rose, Davey, Fender, Barkley, Starsky, Buddy, Piper, MJ, and CAPTAIN now have their forever person!! Now, let’s get the dogs below their forever homes!!

This is Alli! Alli is a four year old Shepherd/mix.


DSC_0156-2 DSC_0162-2

Babydoll lives up to her name!! She is a one year old American Staffordshire/mix!!

DSC_0112-2 DSC_0124-2

Buddy!! Buddy is a one year old Bloodhound/mix.

DSC_0056-2 DSC_0060-2

Dumpling LOVED Chris!! He would not leave Chris’s side while I was taking his pictures. Dumpling is a three year old Australian Kelpie/mix. For more of Dumpling’s information, please click here!!


DSC_0092-2 DSC_0099-2Gator reminded me of a farm dog! He is a big three year old lab.

DSC_0081-2 DSC_0091-2

I fell head of heels in love with this beautiful young girl!! Lady is a ten month old American Pittbull/mix!!

DSC_0138-2 DSC_0148-2

I LOVE BRINDLE COATS!! This is Sage!! Sage is a two year old Boxer/mix. If you are interested in Sage, please click here!!

DSC_0067-2 DSC_0074-2

Happy Wednesday!!

Sylvia and Kent Say I Do!!

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I have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time!! I love weddings and Sylvia!! Sylvia is a wonderful teacher at the school that I work at. I have watched Sylvia fall madly in love with Kent through out their relationship. So, the day I saw the ring on her finger, I wasn’t surprised at all!! Can’t forget that Kent is one heck of a guy himself!! So, I will quit “talking” and let the pictures show their love for one another..IMG_6908 copy IMG_6911 copy IMG_6957 copy IMG_6991 copy IMG_7072 copy IMG_6920 copy IMG_6944 copy IMG_6952-2 copy IMG_7025 copy IMG_7030-2 copy IMG_7050 copy IMG_7108-2 copy IMG_7109 copy IMG_7120 copy IMG_7125 copy IMG_7178-2 copy IMG_7143 copy IMG_7172 copy IMG_7200-2 copy IMG_7205 copy IMG_7236 copy IMG_7240 copy IMG_7289-2 copy


Furry Friends

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I was finally able to get to Great Plains to take pictures this past weekend!! It felt amazing to get back doing what I love to do!! Here is what is going on at Great Plains Independence!!




Finding a forever home:

The following have found their forever homes!!

Mabel, Anya, Jack, Talia, Thor, Minnie, Katniss, Braxxis, and Luther!!

This is Sissy! Sissy is a two year old American Boxer/mix. Click here for Sissy’s information!!

IMG_6808 copy

This pretty girl is Piper! Piper is a two year old German Shepherd! If you are interested in Piper, please click here!!

IMG_6884-2 copy

Say hello to Davey. This sweet guy is a  one year old German Shepherd mix that loves to be cuddled. Click here for Davey’s information!!

IMG_6828-2 copy

Currently, these dogs are in our holding area and will not have a direct link.  They will be available for adoption very soon!!

This gorgeous girl is Prim Rose! Prim Rose is a four year old German Shepherd.

IMG_6810-2 copy

The kids fell in love with this cutie!! Poppy is a one year old Boxer.

IMG_6838-2 copy

This handsome guy is Fender. Fender is a two year old Beagle.

IMG_6849-2 copy

Another guy is Buddy. Buddy is a two year old Boxer.

IMG_6866-2 copy

Last but not least is Starsky. Starsky is a one year old Border Collie mix.

IMG_6868-2 copy

Happy Wednesday!!